These Guys Won't Give Up!

Found another site similar to the ones I reported earlier this week to NameSilo.  It uses the same technique as the others, impersonating the official Guild of Guardians website quite closely but the "connect" button takes you to a pop up that looks like Meta Mask but asks for your secret phrase.

This one was registered recently, on the 5th of May 2022, which leads me to believe this group of scammers is quite active.

Would love to get some wallet addresses for these guys... do I dare fund a wallet and give up my seed phrase just to see where the funds go when they load up the wallet?

Site has already been reported so here's hoping NameSilo takes this one down before it does too much damage.

I've got at least one more post in me tonight or tomorrow to continue my thread on dnstwist, just wanted to get this one recorded while it was fresh in my mind. Stay safe out there, and if you see anything suspicious you can always reach me @gogscamtracker on Twitter or email


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