Progress For Now

The crypto industry is taking an absolute beating this week, so please forgive me if I celebrate the little victories while I watch my crypto fortune dwindle to nothing...

I received a response from NameSilo regarding three more scam webpages that have been impersonating the Guild of Guardians site for almost a year with a fake token sale.  In NameSilo's defense, I was reporting the sites in a batch, while I should have been reporting them one at a time.  Now all three sites have been taken down.

For anyone keeping score that makes only one site left from the original batch of scam sites I found a while back.

The last site is hosted with a registrar I've never heard of before, but we'll see if I can get some kind of response from their abuse email.

A while ago I had asked whether reporting scam sites was worth it, and I honestly believe it makes a difference.  It might not seem like it, but if everyone reports these sites using the registrar's abuse emails, some are bound to take action.

What's next?  This week I'm going to start looking for some more scam sites and doing a bit of research on the actors behind some of the sites above.  I've also managed to get access to a Chainalysis account, which makes blockchain analysis much smoother.

If you have any domains or wallet addresses related to crypto gaming scams please send them my way and I'll start digging.  Stay safe out there, and if you see anything suspicious you can always reach me @gogscamtracker on Twitter or email


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