More Sites Taken Down

 Last week I received responses from NameSilo confirming they took action on the following domains:

  • zerions[.]info
  • zerions[.]com
  • guildofguardians[.]org
  • guildsofguardians[.]me
  • guildofguardians[.]top

I'm very impressed with NameSilo's response time, they've been very cooperative.  If anyone from NameSilo happens to read this article, thank you so much!

I still have several domains to work my way through hosted on the same servers.  It's easy to drown in the amount of scams around crypto, so I try to focus on Guild of Guardians related scams, but it's difficult to leave the others hanging.  I'm hoping to get through reporting the rest of the domains soon.

A bit of a short update, but it's been a bit of a crazy week last week.  Will write up a more comprehensive update this week.

Stay safe out there, and if you see anything suspicious you can always reach me @gogscamtracker on Twitter or email


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