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Identifying A Phishing Webpage

The last couple of months have been pretty exciting. First there was the Guild of Guardians pre-alpha, and you can find my non-security related coverage for that on my gaming YouTube channel here: In addition to that, I’m also settling into a new job this month.  Unfortunately, that means that I’ve lost access to my Chainalysis license from my last employer, who was graciously allowing me to use it for crypto scam research.  I’m still working on setting up a replacement so I can get back into exploring some funds transfers. I know, I know, I could just use Etherscan and their variations, but Chainalysis spoiled me. I'm not the only one whose had a busy couple of months.  Scammers are still up to their same antics, and the sites are getting more and more convincing.  If you've read my earlier posts you've seen a variety of phishing/scam site examples but most of them deviate quite a bit from the look and