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Closed Pre-Alpha Coming! Click Here Now!

This is a very exciting time for the Guild of Guardians community as the Pre-Alpha demo registrations just closed and soon there'll be an email going out to those who were selected to participate.  Anyone who owned a GoG NFT when the last snapshot was taken and who also registered for the Pre-Alpha demo will automatically be included.  Great news right! Why am I worried then?  The public announcement of a closed pre-alpha means there's an opportunity for scammers to start a campaign to get users to click on what they think will be links to download the pre-alpha, which could actually turn out to be malicious payloads.  A sophisticated adversary may try to craft an executable that looks like a mobile phone app and trick members of the community to install keyloggers or other nasty malware. You might start to see emails like the title of this blog post enticing you to click so you can be one of the first to preview the app. When you get the email to join the Pre-Alpha please take