Vrytex et al. Impersonating MEXC Global

It was bothering me that the group of scammer sites I was looking at today, for example vrytex[.]com, all had what looked like some reasonable page content including a FAQ with the kind of questions and answers I would expect on an actual exchange site.

I figure it had to be the case that they were impersonating an actual exchange and I think I found it.

The scam pages appear to be ripped off from MEXC Global, https://www.mexc.com/.

While I'm not familiar with MEXC, the scammer pages are basically simpler versions of the MEXC page.  I reached out to MEXC on twitter and will email them shortly, but I imagine they must have come across these scam sites already.

At least now MEXC can go ahead and raise an official impersonation complaint against the scam sites and get them taken down since this would definitely be brand infringement.  Here's hoping their security team is already on it.


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