Fake Crypto Sites Followup

After a bit of digging I think I've found the batch of domains that were all registered on January 13th 2022 that are involved in the recent uptick in discord direct message scams.  These are all associated with the email address avgustaefremova1993@bk[.]ru.

Avoid these sites.  I'm hoping that by reporting them to Digital Ocean and reg[.]ru we can get them taken down quickly.

  • bin-core[.]com
  • camp-bit[.]com
  • camp-token[.]com
  • coin-bin[.]com
  • cron-bit[.]com
  • ext-bit[.]com
  • link-token[.]com
  • market-token[.]com
  • more-bit[.]com
  • set-bit[.]com
  • temp-bit[.]com
  • token-smart[.]com
  • token-next[.]com

There are an additional two domains that are registered using a different email address, but still associated with LLC Good using the identity Ovidiy Lapin, ovidiilapin2872@list[.]ru.

  • bit-investor[.]com
  • first-token[.]com
These were registered on January 8th 2022, so slightly earlier.  Time to pull the thread on Ovidiy.

Sure it feels a bit like whack-a-mole, but at least we can try to get these things knocked down as soon as they come up.


  1. This domain https://guildofguardianes.com/ is a scam and I'd like to report it. This website mimics the new "GuildofGuardians" metaverse and tricks people into buying characters for the game. Their site references links on the true site such as the whitepaper but essential you connect your digital wallet and then attempt to buy characters in the real game. But really, all your doing is sending money to a crypto wallet. Complete scam.
    The only reason I'm writing is that my teenage son was learning about the game and we ended up trying to buy not realizing the domain was wrong.
    Not sure if there is anything you can do or point me in the right direction in terms of (Law enforcement, etc) to file a complaint. Or how the Domain carrier handles fraud.
    Thanks for letting me know

    1. I'm sorry it took me so long to see this comment. The blogger notifications weren't working. While I'm coming in way to late at this point, you can contact local law enforcement but typically they won't be able to do much. This same scam is running on several domains and I'm going to take a deeper dive on it to see what I can find.


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