Does Reporting Make A Difference

Last week after looking into some scams reported by the Guild of Guardians community on the official Discord I did some digging and identified 27 domains hosting a fake cryptocurrency exchange mimicking MECX Global.  I reported the fake sites to:

  • Reg[.]ru: the domain registar
  • Digital Ocean: the webhosting provider
  • MECX Global: the site being impersonated
A week later I decided to check the status of the sites.  I found the following:

  • 8 sites appear to have been taken down
  • 1 site was unresponsive
  • 1 site had a Metamask warning
  • 17 sites remain active
I was really happy to see at least one of the sites was flagged by Metamask, and that also directed me to one of my new favorite sites:

It's not great to see that 17 sites remain active, and here is a list of all of the sites current states as of this posting:

  • bin-core[.]com: Active
  • bit-camp[.]com: Down
  • bit-cron[.]com: Down
  • bit-ext[.]com: Down
  • bit-green[.]com: Down
  • bit-investor[.]com: Down
  • bit-thor[.]com: Active
  • camp-bit[.]com: Active
  • camp-token[.]com: Active
  • chain-bit[.]com: Active
  • coin-bin[.]com: Active
  • cron-bit[.]com: Active
  • crypto-floor[.]com: Active
  • ext-bit[.]com: Active
  • first-token[.]com: Active
  • flow-bit[.]com: Down
  • link-token[.]com: Metamask warning
  • market-token[.]com: Unresponsive
  • more-bit[.]com: Active
  • set-bit[.]com: Active
  • temp-bit[.]com: Active
  • token-club[.]com: Active
  • token-next[.]com: Active
  • token-smart[.]com: Active
  • vrytex[.]com: Down
  • wall-bit[.]com: Down
I'm not giving up though, and if the registrar, the hosting provider and the cryptocurrency exchange can't get these sites taken down it might be time to try Crytoscamdb.  Today I'll add all the above hosts to cryptoscamdb and see if maybe we start getting Metamask warnings for each of them.

I'll check back in a few days and see if it got us anywhere.


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