Today I was greeted with another Discord direct message scam with a very similar format to the one posted yesterday.

The Discord user is different but the wording is the same, and it points to a different site.  Instead of hxxps://guildofguardians-air[.]com, this one points to hxxps://give-guildofguardians[.]com.

The site was still up today and it looks to me like this is some kind of crypto scam template, as it has very little Guild of Guardians specific branding.

As an added touch, near the bottom of the page there is what looks like the list of transactions from Etherscan for some wallet, that keeps updating to give the visitor the impression that people are making transactions.  It's meant to give the site credibility and increase the fear of missing out.

Digging into the site source there is a reference to a "real-address", 0x43f0b1776E029bc04CDf03BFa2Fb5f5f9721DC23, which appears to be associated with the scam.  I tagged it as a scam in etherscan.

So far it looks like this scam has had a single deposit from address 0x147247E5cf1cd20cE62f8a65478B968e783AeB06, and I wonder if that might be some sort of testing wallet as opposed to a victim of the scam.

This domain was just registered yesterday judging my the domaintools page, and while there is a contact for the hosting provider, it doesn't look like the information is for the individual who actually registered the domain.

I'll generate an abuse report and hopefully the site gets taken down.

I expect we're going to see more like this popping up judging by the last two days.


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