Welcome to the Guild of Guardians Scam Tracker

What is the GoG Scam Tracker?

Many crypto projects are plagued with scammers and as Crypto Gaming goes mainstream and play-AND-earn hits the masses, scammers are likely to start targeting gamers new to the crypto space.

GoG Scam Tracker aims to provide a resource for the Guild of Guardians community to understand how scams work, what to watch out for and keep a running database of existing scams including block lists that the community can rely on to help identify when they come across a scam.

This page is a place holder while we get things going on the backend.

Here are a few resources to start:

  • Report scams by emailing details to report@gogscamtracker.com
  • Interact with us on Twitter @gogscamtracker
  • Read the latest news on scams here
  • Find us on the Guild of Guardians Discord https://discord.gg/gog
Remember the Guild of Guardians Discord has a channel called official-links which contains a list of safe links they have curated.  Before you go to any Guild of Guardians link check there to see if it's an official link. You can also message me directly and I'll be happy to check links for you.

Don't ever hesitate to email report@gogscamtracker.com if you see anything related to GoG and aren't sure if you should click it.  We're here to help.  Guardians protecting Guardians!

Disclaimer: This is a community driven project, part of the GoG Community Grants program.


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