The Discord DM Scam

This scam is certainly not specific to Guild of Guardians, but rather very common once you start joining various Crypto related discord servers.  It was especially bad right around when the GoG token was scheduled to to go on sale.

The scam starts with a direct message on Discord, which is why you'll see a lot of discord community admins post "WON'T DM YOU".

If you ever get a direct message that seems to be from GoG pause for a minute and ask the following questions:

  • Was I expecting this message?
  • Is there a sense of urgency along with the message?
  • If there is a link involved, is it in the "Official Links" channel on the GoG Discord?
This scam is usually attempting to prey on a victim's fear of missing out, like you might miss your chance to purchase GoG tokens before everyone else.

The Guild of Guardians team will never DM you for a promotion and will never DM you with a link, so you will not miss out on anything by ignoring DM's that appear to be from GoG.

Let's take a closer look at an actual scam that some of you might have seen:

This one was a bit tricky as the community was expecting the token sale to happen soon, but legitimate promotions will appear in the official announcements channel on the Discord server, not in a DM.

There is definitely a sense of urgency, as the "TOKEN SALE IS LIVE NOW!", this preys on the fear of missing out.

The biggest red flag of all though?  The website is hosted at hxxps://guildofguardians[.]tech instead of the site in the official links:  Notice that if I ever post a potentially malicious link on this site it will be defanged with https changed to hxxps and [] around the dot do you don't accidentally click on it.

Want to know more about these actors behind this scam?  You could check to see who registered the domain using a site like DomainTools.  Here is what it has to say about guildofguardians[.]tech:

The domain was registered on 28th of October 2021, right around the time the scam started.  A new domain registration that claims to be associated with a company that has existed for years often indicates impersonation.

There is more we can learn about these actors and what they were trying to do if a user actually followed the link.  However, the first step in avoiding a scam is never clicking on the link to begin with.  This week I'll take a closer look at the link and see what I can find out about the actors behind it and what other scams they might be running.

Until then, if you see a scam involving GoG and want to help warn your fellow Guardians, don't hesitate to ping me on Twitter @gogscamtracker or email to

It looks like the guildofguardians[.]tech site failed to verify their email address and their site got taken down, so won't be able to dig up much more there.  However, I'm happy that no one else should fall victim to that particular site.


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