GuildOfGuardians[.]net : Yet Another Imposter

Caution: Before you connect your Metamask wallet to a site, check three times it's an official site for the project from multiple sources.

Came across this site today, hxxps://guildofguardians[.]net.  This is yet another fake website that attempts to impersonate Guild of Guardians.

This is a particularly scary site as it offers the ability to connect your wallet to the site.  It's also been around since September 2021 according to

The branding is very similar to the actual Guild of Guardians site, and a lot of imposter sites will grab assets from the real page.

Notice the buy heroes, buy pets and energy and buy guilds buttons all look very similar to the actual site.  However, some of the red flags include:

  • Not in the Official Links channel on the Guild of Guardians discord
  • The price for GOG is way off (1 GOG is currently worth more then $0.1)
  • It mentions VR/AR which isn't on the actual GoG roadmap
  • When you refresh the page the timer resets back to 13 hours... there's always 13 hours left in the sale!
  • The offer is too good to be true
This is a good example of a scam site... well bad example, I mean nothing really good about this stuff, but you get what I mean.  When you see someone offering to sell a token and the price seems way to low, it probably is.  Cryptocurrency prices are certainly volatile, but if you see a price that seems off don't hesitate to double check at a couple of reliable sites (and check more then one):

The site actually links back to some of the official pages, like the whitepaper link in the top left corner links to the actual whitepaper.  The twitter social media link also takes you to the official Guild of Guardians Twitter account. This might trick a visitor into thinking the site has some credibility.  But if you're reading this post, then you already know this is a ploy.

The hero purchase section also looks very convincing, and offers bonus GoG, so much that it's way too good to be true:

If you were to click on the "Buy Now" button you'd be prompted to connect your Metamask Wallet.  Never, ever, ever test this sort of thing with your actual wallet.

This site is an example of how tricky an imposter site can be.

Stay safe out there.  Don't connect you Metamask wallet to any site that you haven't verified to be official.  If you come across any other scams don't hesitate to @gogscamtrakcer on Twitter or email

Going to see if I can work out whether I can find any of the scammer contracts or wallets associated with this particular site and if I do I'll be sure to post some more.


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