Example Scam Websites

In the last few posts I looked at two scammer websites in particular, but there are more out there and plenty more to come as Guild of Guardians gets closer to it's release date.

You might be asking yourself how there can be so many scam sites.

The bar for creating a website is so incredibly low that just about anyone can do it quickly and cheaply. There are so many domain endings available now that scammers have lots of options starting with "guildofguardians" and defensively registering them all can be quite costly.

Looking at Google Domains there are something like 200 available domains for purchase.  The unavailable ones are the ones I'm interested in though, and here is a sample of them that are already serving up scam sites.

DO NOT VISIT THESE SITE, THEY ARE SCAMS.  This list it provided just to help educate the community as to how similar the links can look to to the official site.
  • guildofguardians[.]net
  • guildofguardians[.]cc
  • guildofguardians[.]tech
  • guildofguardians[.]sale
  • guildofguardians[.]club
As mentioned in an earlier article, these sites can look quite professional.  There is a lot of money to be made scamming, so scammers will go to great lengths to look like the real thing.

Examples of scam site homepages:

Before clicking on any link that says it's related to Guild of Guardians, hover over it and verify that it's actually going to take you to https://guildofguardians.com.


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